Why Power Broker?

We deliver CRM success for commercial real estate & business brokers

In fact, that is all we do. We founded Power Broker for that sole purpose and every person on our team works exclusively to help you achieve your goals. Our leadership comes from commercial real estate and 1031 exchange consulting—we know commercial real estate. Our technologists represent the best and brightest with experience building and implementing solutions for individuals, small business & the largest enterprises—we know technology and how to use it in commercial real estate & business brokerage.

Best CRM Software for Commercial Brokers

Our focus on Salesforce.com platform and extending it specifically for commercial real estate.

By limiting the breadth of our focus we deepen the expertise we bring to products and projects–and to the level of knowledge we transfer to our clients. And Salesforce.com–our $10+ Billion partner–backs our solution with the strength of an 800lb gorilla.

Cloud computing is also foundational to our value to clients. Most other popular commercial real estate solutions are stuck in outdated, hard to install, difficult to manage, impossible to scale technology. The days of difficult, IT intensive, desktop solutions are over—the smallest to largest companies in every industry are moving applications to the cloud. And the advantages of the cloud make more sense for commercial real estate than most…Power Broker is leading the way to the cloud for commercial real estate.

We Know CRM for Brokers

Power Broker also provides a complete range of services to help you maximize your customer relationships. We configure and customize Salesforce.com for commercial real estate and business brokerage. We integrate other systems. We build dashboards to help users analyze information. We build portals to connect brokers with clients. We get commercial real estate for iPhones and tablets. You get it—we know CRM and commercial real estate.

Leadership in Mobile Tools & Technology

No commercial real estate broker ever succeed sitting still. Mobile is how the business operates. Power Broker is the hands-down clear leader in mobile technologies for commercial real estate CRM.  Most of our competitors are still stuck on old applications that have lots of system, software, and server stuff to manage–and have very little mobile capability; they get excited about thier old software sync’ing some names & phone numbers with your phone through Outlook.  Power Broker is  the leader in leveraging the best and most useful mobile technologies to give you FULL ACCESS to your ALL of your data when you need–no matter where you are.  Don’t let the other guys tether you to your desk to die!   Get Mobile. Get Power Broker.  Succeed.

Your Success Assured

Most importantly, we understand what it takes to help brokers succeed in transforming the technology product into a real productivity solution. We know how to help brokers drive their performance to new levels. When it comes to delivering customer management solutions for commercial real estate, we know it and see you through to your success.