Data Migration

Migration with Quality Assurance

Free Data Migration & Import Assistance

Power Broker will provide you with with free start-up data conversion and import assistance for existing data that can be extracted into MS Excel, MS SQL Server, or .CSV file.   Sign up for Power Broker and one of our data conversion specialists will help you import your data from Outlook, ACT,  Realhound, REA, a spreadsheet, or other system you may be using.   We want to you be successful getting with Power Broker–and getting your existing data into the system is a key point to your immediate and long term success with Power Broker.

Data Drives Value

To get the greatest value from your investment in Power Broker CRM, your CRM implementation strategy needs to include a plan for consolidating and managing the customer information that is typically spread out among various databases, formats, and data fields. This is where CRM consulting services can help. Doing the job right, and completely, is well worth it: assistance from our expert CRM can make the difference between an optimal, productive transition from your old systems, and something considerably less.

Enterprise Data Clean-Up

Some enterprise customers engage our CRM consulting services during and after deployment because multiple data sources are creating inefficiencies in their use of Power Broker CRM. Agents and office support may be using different customer data, or worse, management might be working with information at odds with what agents are using in the field. For data management, our CRM consulting services begin with an analysis of your business drivers and processes. With this understanding, our CRM consultants then help you craft the appropriate strategy to migrate your data quickly, efficiently, and effectively, to optimize the value gained from your Power Broker CRM applications.

Consulting Services to Improve Data Integrity

Our CRM consulting services can help you solve the problem of inconsistent and duplicate data that impairs CRM success and hinders user adoption of CRM. When you enlist Power Broker CRM consulting services, you gain access to seasoned CRM consultants who specialize in data-integrity procedures and techniques. The process begins with a thorough assessment of your most critical customer data including leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities. We then assist you in charting a data-specific CRM implementation strategy to boost information quality, drive user adoption, and ensure your success.

For more information about Power Broker CRM consulting services for data management and pricing details, please contact your Power account executive.