Proven System Reliability

The track record speaks for itself: has a proven 99.9+ percent uptime record for years. To ensure maximum uptime and continuous availability, provides redundant data protection and most advanced facilities protection available, along with a complete data recovery plan.

As the only cloud-computing vendor to provide daily service-quality data on a public Web site (, is the proven leader in availability. And by making the track record completely transparent, Power Broker shows we’re worthy of our customers’ trust.

What’s behind the availability statistics?

● Global, state-of-the-art facilities, including multiple data centers around the world.

● All facilities are identical and transactions are mirrored almost instantly, making interruption of service related to hardware problems or data issues virtually impossible.

●  If one of these facilities goes down—because of a natural disaster, for example— the applications will failover to the other site with minimal interruption.

●  The latest power systems—including on-site diesel generators for backup power and backups for the cooling systems and water supplies—make interruptions related to facility issues statistically extremely unlikely.

●  Carrier-class bandwidth dedicated to and multigigabit IP transit for external customer traffic ensure that network issues don’t impact availability.

World-class infrastructure for everyone

Every customer and every app, no matter how large or small, enjoy the benefits of the redundancy, disaster recovery, backup, and patch management required for the most mission-critical applications.