Why Cloud for Commercial Real Estate?

Answer:   Success…not Software.  Sales…not Servers.  Commissions…not Computers.

The Power Broker cloud platform is the perfect foundation for commercial real estate software.  Because in the cloud, your CRM app is never limited by your underlying technology or infrastructure. In the cloud, your access to a great system is not limited to having a big enterprise IT budget & a team of IT people. In the cloud, your success with real estate CRM is not restricted by your ability manage a server, install software upgrades, or support software.Commercial Real Estate CRM

In the cloud, commercial brokers can finally leverage a real CRM–not limp along with a simple desktop contact manager–to deliver results that commercial real estate clients expect and deserve. And in the cloud you can start where you are and grow in real time, as your business evolves.

Get a complete view of your customers. Your commercial real estate software app should reflect your business, not the other way around. Power Broker is designed for commercial real estate and you can add to the standard app to track any data you want… anything.  Because how else can you keep track of everything that’s going on with your customers?

Work smarter—and faster. Your business is made up of business processes. Now you can design and automate any business process or workflow without code. Our Visual Process Manager runs in real time like your business, so you can quickly design and automate processes that get you to the closing table.
Achieve 100% user adoption. Agents and brokers won’t adopt real estate CRM apps that are hard to use and that aren’t relevant to commercial real estate. With our commercial real estate specific user interface, widespread adoption usually follows. Beyond the standard, we also can customize the UI for any type of user: a BIC, property manager, marketing agent, or anyone in your business. And we’re talking deep customization—

Connect your CRM with your Website & Social Media. CRM begins with your Web site: generating leads, delivering product information, and servicing customers. With the Power Brokers cloud platform, your commercial real estate software app and your Web site work together seamlessly. Customer data captured on the Web flows right into your CRM app.Access your data: anytime, anywhere. Commercial Brokers need access to customer data wherever their work or life takes them. We make it easy to run your CRM app—including all your customizations—on popular mobile devices. It’s easy to deploy, it’s free, and it all runs on the same, trusted cloud platform as your main Power Broker application.

Workflow automates your success formulas. Your brokerage runs in real time, so why shouldn’t your workflow? You can respond to workflow actions – like approving a sales contract or lease. or routing a service call back to a property management issueto the right expert – and the Power Broker cloud platform executes the action immediately. Point-and-click workflow tools mean it’s never been faster or easier to create custom workflow.See what’s happening in your business. For most brokers, nothing is more important than keeping a finger on the pulse of their business: knowing what the team is working on, what deals are going to close, and how customers are being served.

Power Broker includes standard reports specific to your business–and we make it easy for you and your business users to create your own reports—without the need for programmers. And because your reports run on live data, they’re better than up to the minute… they’re up to the second. Get your hands on the right content. Having the right content at your fingertips makes you look like a hero to your commercial client.

With Power Broker, you get an integrated content library and document management so reps and agents can easily find the right content, right when they need it.See only what you need to.  A CRM user may need access to a critical piece of data—let’s say commissions—other users shouldn’t be allowed to see it. Power Broker software provides granular security and sharing rules to let you decide which users see what information down to the field level.