CRM Consulting

Our Experts, Your Brokerage, Proven Results


Power Broker Consulting has the experts, proven track record, first-hand knowledge and passion to ensure your success. Our global team of certified professionals has direct access to product and technology development teams. And they bring best practices other successful implementations. We help you get going fast—and keep going strong.

CRM Consulting Services for Commercial Real Estate

Choosing Power Broker CRM is a strategic business decision. Our CRM consulting services are designed to assure its successful execution through a sound CRM implementation strategy tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re creating your first CRM system, replacing an existing one, or customizing your Power Broker CRM application, our experienced CRM consultants provide the strategic guidance and hands-on know-how you need.
The goal of Power Broker CRM consulting services is to help you think through and execute all four key phases of your CRM initiative: planning, implementing, driving adoption, and optimizing. Our CRM consulting services will help you create value from features and functionality you may not be able to leverage on your own, or might have considered beyond your reach.

CRM Consultants with the Right Expertise and Experience

Power Broker CRM consulting services follow a structured and iterative methodology, developed and refined over the course of thousands of successful deployments. Based on your individual goals and requirements, we supply you with a detailed CRM implementation strategy designed to enhance your performance, drive end-user adoption, and accelerate your return on investment. With CRM consulting services from Power Broker, you receive sound, experienced guidance in everything from proactive discovery and planning, to project management, solution deployment, and the eventual hand-off to Power Broker Customer Support.

Services Focused on Requirements

Consulting Services for Implementation & Configuration

Customers of all sizes and across all industries benefit from the speed and caliber of both our packaged and custom CRM consulting services. We offer CRM Solution Packages and QuickStart packages for deploying Power Broker CRM applications, Platform Packages to support custom development, and Expert Review services to support customers doing their own deployment or working with partners. Many of our CRM consulting services packages provide on-site assistance and training from CRM consultants who evaluate and tune new or existing implementations, and provide your executives with a dashboard that tracks your most critical business metrics.

Consulting services for Data

One of the key benefits of CRM consulting services is assistance in centralizing your valuable customer information siloed in disparate systems or paper-based archives. Our CRM consultants help you extract this data from legacy systems, structure it in coherent hierarchies, clean and reformat it, and finally, import it into Power Broker CRM. This basic element of a CRM implementation strategy will maximize your productivity and smooth the transition from your old applications.

Consulting services for Integration

Power Broker’s CRM solutions are already tightly integrated with each other and with other key business applications. But our CRM consulting services can also speed the important work of blending Power Broker CRM with your company-wide business processes and back- and front-office applications—for easy sharing, updating, and maintenance of critical customer data.

Consulting services for Best Practices

No one knows Power Broker’s cloud-computing CRM solutions better than our seasoned CRM consultants. Power Broker CRM consulting services are based on many years of experience in implementing software. When you engage us to put together your CRM implementation strategy, you profit from proven best practices that have contributed to our customers’ success.   For more information about Power Broker Consulting, our methodology, and how CRM consulting services can maximize your business results, please contact your Power Broker account executive.

Consulting Services For Tangible Results and Faster ROI

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting months or years to see a return on a mission-critical business investment. With CRM consulting services from Power Broker, the wait is over. Based on customer feedback in many successful deployments, we’ve developed our QuickStart Packages family of CRM consulting services. With QuickStart, our CRM consultants will put you on the fast path to success—you’ll begin achieving a return on Power Broker CRM quickly.

Consulting Services for New Release Optimization

Unlike traditional software, Power Broker CRM and the platform are Cloud-based: new and improved features are delivered frequently and automatically, without upgrade headaches. The best way to maximize the continual stream of innovations is to take advantage of Power Broker’s CRM consulting services. Our CRM consultants have designed a New Release Optimization package that bundles expert guidance with new-features training. Highlights include a Discovery Workshop identifying new solutions for your most pressing needs, walk-through examples of new features in action inside your own Power Broker CRM environment, and a release-specific CRM implementation strategy, or roadmap, outlining further opportunities to leverage new features.