If a key to real estate is finance, Power Broker Commercial Finance Edition is your key to success with finance and capital partners in commercial transactions.

Power Broker Finance allows you to profile all Capital Partners– from Banks, Institutional Lenders, Private Equity,  Insurance, Investment Funds, Pensions, to Sovereign Wealth Funds.   Finance program offerings for each Capital Partner are tracked along with terms for each program. You will have the details for every type of financing product you may need to complete a deal–Debt or Equity.  Conventional lending, Bridge and Mezzanine loans to Convertible Combo & Participating, Preferred Equity and Joint Venture.     Track the terms and conditions of each capital product and quickly search and match the product and terms to the specifics of your deal.  Select your best matches and send a solicitation and marketing package to the capital partner with a click.  Follow up with your capital contacts to complete the deal and close.

Power Broker Finance Edition  completes the deal flow by integrating the finance work alongside the brokerage efforts.  Power Broker provides all the essential tracking and deal management that commercial finance brokers need to track, manage, communicate, follow up, fund and close.

Drive Dealflow

Integrate with Brokerage. Track Capital. Match Terms. Market. Follow Up. Underwrite. Fund. Close.

Match Capital to the Deal with a Click

Profile capital offerings with terms and details for each of your capital partners.  Search programs, term sheets and match debt or equity products to your deal with a click.
Capital Finance CRM Software

Integrated Package Email & Follow Up

Search capital partners with products and terms that match your deal.  Click to select and send email marketing package solicitation to the key capital partner contacts.  Never miss follow ups with each capital partner.

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