Social Media Effect in Commercial Real Estate

mediaA new day of the social media connected commercial real estate client has arrived, marked  by an ever-expanding stream of blog posts, Facebook updates, LinkedIn profile endorsements, and Twitter tweets.

Not convinced?  Still think social media has little to do with CRE business?  Consider just  a few important statistics:  Social networking users have now surpassed email users.  22 percent of time spent online is on social media sites.  And 56% of clients feel stronger connections to brands that engage them on social media.  Business today–including commercial real estate–is definitely social and social means connecting in online conversations via the social channels to gain deeper customer insights and requirements.

Today’s market is demanding that you add elements of social media to make the transition to being social savvy to connect with customers in new ways.  Commercial real estate clients from the largest enterprises to the smallest sole proprietors are connected to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media channels–and their social connections are influencing how they make decisions and who they do business with in all areas–including their commercial real estate needs.

There’s no doubt that the future of business belongs to  the social brokerage—firms and brokers that embrace social technologies for collaboration and to engage with principals, tenants, landlords, and partners across customer social networks—to better listen, analyze, connect, list and sell. For brokers who embrace new tools and techniques, social technologies create an unprecedented opportunity  to offer the right solution at the right time while forming richer, more rewarding relationships.  Social client may have more information than ever before, but so, too, do social brokers–if they are equipped with the right tools.  During the last few years, salespeople across all markets who mastered social technologies have had a competitive advantage.  Power Broker CRM is the tool to equip commercial real estate brokers today for social integration to Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to help make and manage those critical connections across the social media channels where commercial real estate clients are today.

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