Wouldn’t you love your commercial real estate broker application to be as easy to use as your favorite web site? Wouldn’t it be great to get full access to your data from your phone, tablet, or any computer–anywhere, anytime. That’s Power Broker!

Commercial brokers love Power Broker and the fact that it runs in the cloud…because everything they need to do the job is in one place. Suddenly, you will be spending less time on administration and more time with clients listing, showing and closing deals. For Broker-In-Charge or Team Leaders, the cloud approach of Power Broker gives real-time visibility into the team’s activities. And that means that forecasting deals with confidence and managing closings is not only possible, it’s easy.

And best of all, because it’s all in the cloud, there’s no need for expensive hardware or software.  Power Broker is built specifically for commercial real est on—no wonder 63,200 companies and over 1.5 million users have made salesforce the world’s most-popular CRM foundation.

Contact Management System Contacts & Companies. Everything you need to know about your clients, investors, property managers, other brokers, and your network of real estate professional team is right here – all in one place.
Knowledge Management Software Solutions Properties, Space & Leases Track full information on Properties. Information & data fields are specific to each Property type.
Partner Marketing Management Brokerage, Listings, Tenant/Buyer RepGet complete visibility into every deal and opportunity–track all your broker activity by opportunity type.
Lead Management & Marketing Client & Property MarketingNow you can close that gap between marketing and sales forever. Reach new owners, tenants, & buyers.
Sales Tracking Management Deals, Diligence & ClosingsWhen you have a critical deal in the works, you can’t afford to let anything slip through the cracks.
Mobile CRM Solutions Mobile…Full Access from Blackberry, Iphone, other smartphonesGreat service and closing deals goes well beyond the office. Deliver from any location on any device.  Full access to your data…not just a few contact details! Ideas 1031 Exchange & Equity MarketingThe most complete and accurate exchange and equity marketing functionality in any app.  Be a true Exchange Counselor.  Track all exchange takers, legs and value/debt/equity/can-adds for every deal opportunity.
Business Brokerage OptionPower Broker for Business Brokerage adds on the key functionality to track, manage, and increase your business brokerage activities and marketing.
Analytics & Forecasting Analytics & ReportingYou can’t move with speed and efficiency when you’re flying blind. Get the insight you need to keep your deals on track to close.
Sales Management System Deal WorkflowNothing should impede the momentum of your sales efforts. With these tools, barriers in your sales processes are eliminated or overcome.
Outlook & Google CRM Email Integration & ProductivityWhy should you have to change the way you work? You can work seamlessly with the tools you already use everyday like Microsoft Outlook and Office.
Content Management System Document LibraryDon’t waste another minute searching aimlessly for that killer listing presentation or property backup package . It’s right there at your fingertips.
Sales Insights Commercial Real Estate Reporting and Analysis that provides you sales insights when you need them most.