How to connect Gmail to Power Broker

 Gmail to Power Broker

Power Broker uses standard Gmail to Salesforce functionality which will automatically store emails and chats you send from your Gmail account in Salesforce CRM and link the communication to the right contact, lead or opportunity as an activity record. With Gmail to Salesforce, emails that you send to your contacts are automatically stored in context so that you or anyone in your company can easily view a complete history of the conversations you’ve had.

Activate Gmail in Salesforce CRM

NOTE: If you already have your Google Apps domain entered into Salesforce CRM, you can skip Step 2.

  1. Click Setup —› Administration Setup —› Google Apps —› Settings
  2. Configure Google Apps Domain
    • Click Edit next to Configure Google Apps Domain.
    • Enter the Google Apps Administrative Contact. This is the individual responsible for administering Google Apps in your organization.
    • Enter the Google Apps Domain. This is typically your company’s domain, but you must with Google first.
    • Click Save.
  3. Activate Gmail to Salesforce
    • Click Edit next to Gmail to Salesforce.
    • Click the checkbox next to Active.
    • Click Save.
    • Click Send Notification Email. This action will send a notification email to your users so they know they can now use Gmail in Salesforce CRM.

How to use Gmail to Salesforce

  1. Click Setup —› Personal Setup —› Email —› My Email to Salesforce
  2. In the My Acceptable Email Addresses box, enter all of the addresses of your email accounts that you want to work with Gmail to Salesforce.
  3. In the Email Associationsection, set up the rules for how you want emails to be attached to records.
  4. Find your Email to Salesforce Address. It should start with “emailtosalesforce@”.  Add this address to your address book for your convenience.
  5. Anytime you send an email to a lead or a contact that you want automatically recorded in Salesforce CRM, BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) your Email to Salesforce Address.  The next time you view that lead or contact record in Salesforce CRM, you can find a copy of that email in the activity history related list.

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