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Commercial real estate brokers starting out in business often hear the old adage from the office gray hairs, ‘Real estate is a people business.’  Age old advice but most experienced brokers frequently remind themselves that relationships are key to performance in commercial real estate.

Relationships with clients, other brokers, service providers and really,  every professional contact–directly and very literally determine success or failure as a commercial real estate broker.    While all pitch property, sell the terms of a lease, or teach tax benefits of 1031–every broker’s success is ultimately dictated by one thingrelationships.

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Relationships, then, are also the key to unlocking higher performance and greater results:  Find a way to establish and manage relationships at a higher level and we will drive our performance and results to a higher level.   Maximizing relationships maximizes performance.

A common problem is that most brokers are independent business people and are tasked with performing  most if not all of the key relationship functions of their business themselves.

This effort gets even more difficult as most brokers struggle with legacy commercial estate software that is trapped in out-dated technology, often hard-to-use, and usually only partially implemented at best.

Yet we all know that the commercial real estate brokers that perform at the highest levels in the market are usually those that work to:

•  Clearly define what work needs to be done to manage relationships & opportunity
•  Systematically perform the work to be done in an efficient way
•  Communicate the performance of work to the most important relationships

The challenge then is how to better create business systems that support the goals of maximizing relationships—the answer then, in part, is getting the best commercial real estate CRM.

The best commercial real estate software is a key part of the solution to create repeatable success in managing relationships.   Best commercial real estate CRM software will help define what needs to be done, systematize execution, and help communicate with the people that matter the most to success. And the best commercial real estate software will also be built on modern technology making it easier to use and more usable anywhere, anytime.

The best commercial real estate CRM software will help you define new and better ways of getting work done, help you achieve more and maximize your relationships.

And after all, remember what that old gray haired broker told you when you started…

“Real estate is a people business.”  It seems he was right.

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